Divsion of Continuing Education and Professional Development
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In 1968, the division was established and named Summer School, providing opportunities for in-service elementary school teacher to acquire professional knowledge and practical skills. The School aimed to improve the quality and ability of the teachers. Teachers who registered four summers and acquired 68 credits could obtain a junior college diploma. The first year of Summer School students graduated in 1971. 
In 1977, in accord with the goal of the Ministry of Education, the School planned continuing education courses for kindergarten teachers to improve their professional proficiency. Any teacher who took the courses for one year and passed the tests of the courses could gain a completion certificate.
In 1987, the College was upgraded and renamed Taiwan Provincial Taichung Teachers College.
In 1988, Summer School was upgraded and renamed the Division of Continuing Education, providing further education for Elementary school teachers. Elementary school teachers or educational administrators who had been selected and taken 128 credits within four summers could gain a bachelor degree. The first bachelor degree for Elementary school teachers was granted in August 1991. 
In September 1995, the Division of Continuing Education was upgraded and renamed the Division of Continuing and Extension Education. 
In 1996, to enhance teaching abilities of in-service Elementary school teachers, the division established a 40-credit master’s program for Elementary School Teachers. In 1998, the Master’s Program of Education Credit was set up in the evening section. In addition, the division established the Department of Early Childhood Education for in-service Kindergarten teachers to acquire further education and provided the credit courses for college graduates and in-service substitute teachers, such as courses for Elementary School Teacher Education, Special Education, and Early Childhood Education.
In 2005, the College was upgraded and renamed National Taichung University, and the division was then affiliated with the Academic Affairs Office and renamed the Center for Extension Education.
In 2007, the Center was upgraded and renamed Division of Continuing and Extension Education. A professor at the Department of Fine Arts, Dr. Wei, Yen-Shun, was assigned as Director, and the staff included one public official and four assistants, responsible for all academic and administrative work in the Division. The Division was planned to include three secondary units: Project Planning Section, Service Section, and Chinese Language Center. Currently, there is only one secondary unit: Chinese Language Center, and hopefully, with the increase of the business, the Division will expand as planned in the future.
At present, the core courses of the Division includes teacher education, credit courses for B.Ed and M.Ed, Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) courses, and training courses for government or private institutions.
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